Policies/Terms and Conditions


TREETOPS MUSIC’S - Policies/Terms and Conditions (updated 6/11/20)

Due to the pandemic all our classes will be held online until further notice. Most of these policies/terms and conditions are for our in-person classes.


We want to be sure everyone gets the most out of our classes and understand what's expected. We ask that you read the following Terms and Conditions and by checking off that you've read them, you also agree to not hold Treetops Music, its teachers or the venue where we meet liable for any damage to property or injury to you, your family members or the caregiver/s who may accompany your child to class. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!                               

- Sammie Haynes, Director, Treetops Music, sammiekids@aol.com


CLASS INFO - Music Together® sessions typically meet once-a-week for 45 minutes for 10 weeks. In the summer we may offer a 4-6 week session. Each session includes songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement and instrument play. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance oriented musical experiences developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers, regardless of their own musical ability. Each semester families receive an illustrated songbook full of music-making ideas, a CD and code to download the music onto any device as well as access to our Family Music Zone where you can listen to the music from wherever you are. At the FMZ you can also check out the educational and fun content that will be posted on a regular basis: song activities, videos, coloring pages and more! Membership in the Music Together community is far more than a once-per-week fun activity. The Family Music Zone helps to extend the learning and fun! In addition, families new to the program receive a 50 page booklet, "Music and Your Child" written by Ken Guilmartin, Founder of Music Together and Lili Levinowitz, PhD., Professor of Music Education, Rowan University. 



Full payment must be made at time of registration.  Withdrawal from class up to a week ahead of our start date will be refunded with a $10 processing fee. Refunds after that time are subject to a $50 withdrawal fee. Refunds are not available after the first class. 

If a check is returned for insufficient funds, payment in cash will be required as well as the bank fee paid.



If you are registering a child who has a sibling joining us in classes, choose the "Sibling" option when you register. However, if there's a sibling under 9 months old on the start date of a particular semester, that sibling is free but still MUST be registered. 



We’ll be keeping in touch with you via email mostly – please check it often. *Because the information you gave during registration is the only way we have of getting in touch with you, please doublecheck the info is correct (sometimes a number or letter are wrong)  and be sure to let us know if any of your contact info changes. If a family member is bringing your child to class but your email is given as the contact please be sure to forward any emails to them or give us their email address/phone # as well. It's important everyone involved knows what to expect in an upcoming class or if there's something that needs attention.



Kindly let me know if you're unable to attend class (call or text me: 207-351-0134 and include your child's and your names in text. You may also email me before 8 AM at: sammiekids@aol.comThis is requested because we have 2 slots slated for makeups/demos in our classes. Sometimes classes are very full. If you know you're unable to make it and and can let us know ahead it may open up a space for another family. And then there's the question...what if no one came and no one let me know?  :(  Thanks.

*IMPORTANT: When you register, PLEASE sign up for our SMS messaging service if you have a cell phone. You may go back into your account and add this service if you didn't check it initially. If classes are canceled, provided I have power, I'll send out a short text message from my website to you. Those who did not opt in for SMS texts will receive an email with the same message. I'll also post to our Facebook page. Please check your phone/ email  before venturing out each week.



1. Weather Events - If public schools in RSU 35 (South Berwick/Eliot, Maine), RSU 21 (Kennebunk), or SAU 16 (Exeter, NH) are canceled due to inclement weather, our Music Together classes at those locations will also be canceled. You may not receive a cancellation notice from me in this case so please check to see about school cancellations. Generally if schools have a 2 hour delay we will cancel any classes which meet before 10:45. Our 10:45 classes on will run unless there's a later storm in which case we'll play it by ear. 

During School Vacations and Saturday Classes: We'll touch base with you if things are looking "iffy". Please also feel free to contact me if the weather is bad where you are. I'd like to know, as with exception for classes in my town of South Berwick, I'm traveling to you and our weather can be different. Thanks.

2. NEW! Teacher Illness or Other Reasons: In the past I've asked that people confirm they've gotten my cancellation message, however, I've spent an inordinate amount of time tracking people down (which is very hard if I'm ill). Always check messages before you leave the house. If you do so you should always be informed. *If Teacher Artty needs to cancel a class he will contact you if I'm unable.

If you're unsure whether or not we're meeting please call or text (preferable) me (include your name) for confirmation at: 207-351-0134. 

PLEASE NOTE: If a class is canceled due to a weather event, teacher illness or another unforeseen reason, we will add on a class at the end of the semester where permitted - same time/day. Please consider this when registering if it won't work within your schedule. You can make up that class at another meeting time during the same semester if that works better for you but a refund cannot be given.

SICK POLICY - Please stay home if you or your child/ren are sick or may still be contagious. Many medical professionals say you're contagious if you're still exhibiting symptoms. Just think whether you'd want your child to be exposed to a child (or adult) who was exhibiting your child’s or your own symptoms to help you make the right decision. There are a lot of allergies which present as bad colds. If you let us know your child has an allergy, while we'll be sorry about that, we'll all breathe a sigh of relief that it's not something contagious. :)

MAKEUP POLICY - As a courtesy to our families we allow up to two makeup classes per semester at any Treetops Music location on a space-available basis within the current session. However, if you or your child are ill more often, please talk with us about it. Makeups may not be carried over to the next semester. You may schedule a makeup by registering online here and follow the prompts or just log on to the website and select "Schedule A Makeup" from the drop-down menu under the Music Together tab. For planned vacations or appointments, pre-makeups are allowed.

If a Demo class is offered you may also make up a class then. Please understand due to scheduling we may not be able to offer a convenient demo that is convenient for you to do a makeup at the time and location classes are offered. We're sorry if that causes any inconvenience. Most families feel the program is well worth the cost of tuition even if a class is missed.  

PREVIEWING CLASSES/DEMOS - We are excited about new families previewing our classes! A preview is recommended for those who are unsure about registering. We sometimes offer demo classes, usually before a new session, however, we may not or they may take place at a time you cannot attend. If that's the case, please contact us prior to the beginning of the first class of a new session about the possibility of reserving a space in the class for you and your child/ren to preview the class. If there is room we'll be happy to have you join us during that class. If the class you are scheduled to preview fills before your date, we may ask you to make a different choice. If you preview a class at the start of our semester but decide not to continue that's fine; if you do want to continue the full tuition payment is required. Previews aren't just for our first class of the semester - you may have a preview a class anytime during the semester with prior authorization.


***IMPORTANT: We don't allow glitter/sparkles to be worn in classes because of the risk they pose in getting into children's (and adults') eyes. I agree they're beautiful but please understand this is for everyone's safety. Thank you.

GOOEY BASKET - Everyone please go on "goo patrol" while in class by keeping your eyes on any instruments that go into children's mouths and placing them in the gooey basket (We'll point it out to you). When in doubt, send it to the goo! The instruments will be disinfected immediately after class or feel free to take care of it yourself with the wipes provided. Hand sanitizer is also provided. If we work together we can help keep everyone healthy!

GUESTS - Additional caregivers and adult family members are very welcome with prior permission from the director. We need to know ahead of time if an extra person is coming so that the class isn't too large on any one day. We're happy to have an older sibling or visiting cousin come to a class occasionally but it is absolutely necessary to obtain prior permission if you wish to bring another child. Depending on the size of our class we may need to limit the number of guests.  All guests, adults and children, must participate with us and not sit out on the sidelines as it's distracting for the kids and in our classes we make "music together". If you bring another child more than twice a semester a "drop-in" fee of $10 will be charged after the 2nd time. Again you must receive permission for an unregistered child to attend and it shouldn't be a regular thing.

TARDINESS (don't worry!) - We hope that everyone will be on time for our classes, and in fact we hope you'll come a little early (5" is fine) to settle in, visit with one another and to play the gathering drum. Longer than 10” beforehand may prove to be too much time in one setting for some children and before the end of class they may become fussy. However, we understand that occasionally circumstances may keep people from arriving on time. Please don’t worry and come anyway! If you’re running behind please just quietly come in and join us!

CONVERSATION - Shhh! :) While we understand and appreciate the value of parents and caregivers connecting and making friends in our classes, and know that it is a natural inclination to want to talk to one another between songs, we ask that you try to keep the conversation to a bare minimum and save socializing for before and after class. The class environment which will most benefit your child musically is one where they are immersed in the music without distractions. They need the quiet space in between songs to process the music they've just heard!

FOOD, DRINKS - Due to food allergies and in the interest of keeping our instruments clean and our focus on making music, we ask our families to please leave food and drinks outside the classroom. It's hard and possibly dangerous to move, sing and play instruments while eating or drinking!

Of course if your child needs to nurse or have a bottle please feel free to take them out of our circle to a quiet spot while feeding or stay right where you are if you have another child with you and you're comfortable doing that. If there's a lot of action in the room please consider moving away from our circle.

Water bottles are allowed, however, for safety, please keep them up on a table or shelf so they don't become a stumbling object. Sometimes it's disruptive for children to see someone else having a drink (this includes breastfeeding - as a child may be weaning!). If if there's an issue we'll let you know. 

LEAVE TOYS, STUFFED ANIMALS, BOOKS AT HOME - Please do not bring toys, stuffed animals or books to class as it's distracting for your child and for other children. If there's a real need to make an exception please let us know and we'll try to work something out. Thanks. :)

CELL PHONES - Please refrain from using cell phones (including taking photos) during class. We understand that some parents may need to keep their phones with them in case of emergencies, however, if this is the case please set your phone on VIBRATE, and silence the ringer. If you must take a call, please do so outside the classroom taking your child with you.

PHOTOS/VIDEOS - While we understand that you want to capture what we do on film, it becomes a distraction to the class and takes the focus off of crucial adult caregiver role-modeling for your children. It also places thought on "performance" rather than "participation" -- participation rather than performance is the emphasis of our program! Also, some people may not be comfortable with picture taking in class. If you would like to have photos or a video, we can stage a little bit after class with the drum or a few instruments. We allow photos during our last classes but please limit yourself to a few quick pics then return to making music with your child. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

With written permission of class members, I may request some photo-taking be allowed from time to time to post on the website or in flyers. Names will not be used and it's certainly fine if you do not want to participate.

SAFETY - Music Together is unique in the fact that the children in our classes do not have to do anything! Nothing is expected of them except that they remain safe. They can fall asleep, move around or look out the window -- as long as it is safe behavior it is perfectly acceptable. So we don’t have many rules, but we do have a few that we ask you to help us enforce. With your cooperation we will create a safe and harmonious classroom environment.

1. Running is not allowed in the classroom. It is perfectly fine if your child decides to move around during class, and in fact may be a natural part of their learning process to do so. However, we ask that they use their “walking feet” or "dancing feet" and not run. Please take your child's hand and move along with your little one if they're running and slow them down. Your teacher may talk with you about a plan if needed such as stepping out of class for a short time and joining us again once they've calmed down. 

2. Throwing instruments (or anything) is not allowed in the classroom. Children have many opportunities to explore instruments in our classes. We ask you to help us see that they are treated gently and never thrown into the air or at others. Your help in assuring that the instruments are gently placed back into their baskets is most appreciated.

3. Rough-housing is not allowed. Music Together is about family music and in a family we are not all the same age or the same size. We ask that everyone treat each other gently and to be especially respectful of the little ones in our classes.

4. Caregivers must remain in the room during class. We ask that your children are within each caregiver’s sight and within their reach during our classes for the harmony and well being of all participants.  

5. Please physically participate at your comfort level.  We'll be sitting a lot on the floor and moving around the room as well. Be very careful when you have a child in your arms. Do not feel you need to keep up with the movements we're doing if you don't feel you can safely do them.  If you need to use a chair just let us know.

Thank you so much for respecting one another, the program and the premises. We're looking forward to making Music Together with you and your family!